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Marisol Santana, EdD (maiden name Tirelli) is a multidisciplinary artist and educator who specializes in the performing arts, jewelry, and mixed media.


She is the owner of the Soleil Satnam Gallery Boutique, set to open in 2024 in Santa Monica, California. 


In 2010, she founded TESOL Drama and the TESOL International Film and Art Exhibit where she teaches creativity workshops and exhibits performances and art in New York City; Los Angeles; Paris, France; Florence, Italy; and more.

The title of her doctoral dissertation is "Creative Planets (Modalities of Art) Collide: The Big Bang of Multimedia Arts in the 1960s" (located in ProQuest within the Columbia University archives).

Dr. Santana is currently on the writing faculty at AMDA College of the Performing Arts in Los Angeles, California. 

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