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Welcome to my blog Soleil Satnam!

Here I will write about my meditations as I make art, malas and teach!

What is Soleil Satnam: Malas by Marisol?

Soleil Satnam: Jewelry made from natural healing gemstones and materials from the earth to help manifest one's highest purpose, truth, and reconnect to the God of love, peace, light, and life.

What is the meaning of Soleil Satnam?

Soleil = Sun, LightSat = True, Truth Nam = NameSatnam= Hindi for the One, True, Eternal, Everlasting God

What are Malas?

Mala in Sanskrit means "heavenly garland." Mala beads have been used by centuries by ancient Buddhist and Hindu practices, traditionally using 108 beads for meditation, prayers, and mantras. The 109th bead, usually silver or gold is called the guru or sumeru bead, which represents the student-guru relationship, relationship to God and all ancestral teachers, and/or facilitating one's transcendent force beyond the universe. The string is what hold our lives and universe together. The knots are obstacles in life overcome. Beads are in a circular shape to symbolize nature's infinite cycle of birth and death. The tassel represents our connection to God and each other. Legend has it the Roman empire appropriated the mala prayer beads into a rosary after trade expeditions with India. They mistook the Sanskrit word "japa" mala meditation (which means to mutter or chant) for "jap" the Latin word for rose, hence "rosary." Malas can help with any meditation, manifesting, or individuation practice. They are wonderful tools for inner and outer beauty! "Honor the highest truth in the universe: it is the power on which all things depend: it is the light by which the whole of life is guided. Honor the Highest within yourself: For it too is the power on which all things depend and the light by which the whole of life is guided." - Marcus Aurelius "One love, one heart, let's get together and feel alright." -Bob Marley

Thanks for being with me on this journey!



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